Is this legal?

All of our CBD is 100% Legal and contains <.3% THC or THC Free.


What will this do for me?

CBD effects everyone differently, there is research showing what all CBD can help with. 


Will I fail a drug test?

If you purchase a product that is not THC Free you do have a slight chance you may show positive for THC.


Do you make any of this?

All of our products comes from highly decorated Dispensaries located in CO, NV, MA, and our Flower comes from a local farmer in East TN.


How do I know what I'm  getting?

All of our products can be issued a 3rd party lab testing by request from the manufacturer.


Should I quit taking my medication in lieu of a daily CBD regimen?

Although we believe in CBD and we have chosen to not partake in pharmaceuticals, we do advise you to consult a licensed physician before considering stopping your current pharmaceutical regimen.


Any other questions feel free to message us through the Contact us tab